Rocking from Brazil to the entire world.

Our store has been in the Galeria do Rock since 1989 and it is estimated that 25 thousand people pass through there every day. Within a space that has celebrated so much diversity for so long, it is impossible to measure how proud we are to be part of São Paulo’s culture, history, and life. For many it is impossible to dissociate the Galeria from Consulado. For us it is simply unimaginable.

All these factors multiply when we think of the people we have met over these decades. Not only in the store, but as perhaps fewer people know, also in the factory.

The factory production puts us inside concerts and tours that fill venues all over Brazil and, of course, inside several other stores spread throughout the country taking the products we love to make to places we never imagined we would know. The friendships built along the way are a privilege we want to celebrate and honor.

That’s why today we inaugurate a new space, a place where everyone can learn more about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. A place where it is possible to get our products either as a retailer or as a consumer. Above all, an accessible space with a user experience worthy of what we have built so far and prepared for the future we imagine.

Wherever you are welcome to Consulado do Rock.