We leave no loose ends

In-house sewing

Since the automated cutting, we seek to obtain agility, efficiency, and uniformity of the pieces, besides better use of the raw material, reducing costs and waste of resources, thus minimizing environmental impacts.

Our sewing team is 100% in-house. An initiative that ensures training and quality control recognized in the market, rigorously standardized sizes, and extended durability.

Absorbing sewing in our internal work culture, we ensure guarantee of origin in our production, free of work under inadequate conditions, observing national and international laws.

Setting an example

Our frames are prepared with imported biodegradable emulsion in equipment that provides uniformity and extremely precise layers.

The frames are reusable. The water and products used in maintenance are captured by effluent treatment equipment. Any solid residue is decanted.

In coherence with the ecological principles that we value the printing is made directly on the frame. It’s photolith free.

Our stoves have waste air capture and treatmentt. They use nothing but water as a filtering agent.