Pursuing details with enthusiasm, always investing in innovation.

That is why we have become a national reference, with international recognition and a portfolio that gives us the privilege of participating in the relationship between major brands, artists from all over the world and their Brazilian fans.
Automatic Screen Printing Press

Manufacturer: São Roque
We have four equipment for jobs from 6 to 12 colors.

Automatic Screen Printing Press

Manufacturer: MR Print
For printing jobs of up to 16 colors.

Automatic Screen Printing Press 

Manufacturer: Anatol
For printing jobs up to 6 colors.

Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer

Manufacturer: MR Print
The dryer reaches 170 C. It has waste air collection and water as a filtering agent.


Short sleeve, long sleeve, tight fitting, tank top or raglan.


And also crew neck type sweaters.

and more

Shorts, Dad hats, wrist bands, socks, flat shoes and masks.

The meeting of productive capacity, quality and principles.

With each investment in innovation, we seek new possibilities to expand the techniques we have developed over the years. The factory’s production capacity has been expanded through the automation of processes that do not dispense care in each piece, ensuring a production rhythm of more than 70,000 T-shirts per month, subject to a rigorous quality control and the commitment of punctuality in our deliveries.